Our Team

The human resources of IDG Independent Development Group Ltd comprise its permanent staff and an extensive network of experienced professionals and companies, all with extensive documented track records where all individuals have held relevant key positions.

IDG allocates the relevant resources on demand and in response to the different phases of a contract or project. This reduces costs and adds value for the customers and its shareholders in all areas. Our unique setup allows us to meet current demand for flexibility, and is possible because IDG is able to bring the right resources into operation through its network of specialists.

IDG team members can participate in a project under to the following categories:

  • IDG own resources: These can be immediately allocated directly within the customer’s organization or project.
  • Free available resources: Resources from our network can be allocated within 1-2 weeks from go-ahead. These resources are primarily freelance professionals.
  • Limited available resources: Where IDG has signed NDA and LoI, resources can be allocated to positions subject to normal employment notice periods.
  • Outsourcing of resources: Out/In sourcing of tasks or contracts to freelance consultants within the IDG network.

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